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It's Not Too Late for Ornaments Orders!

With Christmas just over two weeks away now, there is still time to order your favorite Thomas Glenn Holidays ornaments. The website has now been updated with current availability for most of the Thomas Glenn Holidays collections. Some quantities are limited, so be sure to place your orders as soon as possible. Ornaments make wonderful gifts for your family and friends and these amazing mouth-blown and hand-painted decorations are sure to be keepsakes.

Please check out the new "Christina's World" collection. We have been updating this collection as new items are rotated in. Some of the best of this collection include the "Dome" ornaments - where an ornament is actually encased within an exterior glass enclosure. These are unique types of ornaments that require extra attention during their creation. There are also several wonderful animal ornaments that combine a standard ball shape with a molded animal face. These are sure to please any animal lovers with their great detail and craftsmanship. And don't miss the stunning dinosaur molded collection!

The Cardinal Dome:

The Horse Molded/Ball Ornament:

Dinosaur example:


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