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This is a set of 3 volumes published by the Postal Commemorative Society.  There are a total of 104 covers (one volume contains 68; a second, 24; and the third, 12).  The second volume has 16 blank sleeves with space for 3 covers in each sleeve, and the third volume has 21 blank sleeves with room for 3 covers each.  The covers are first day covers, and each has a 22k gold replica proof affixed to the cover in a protective pouch.  The covers range in dates from 1993 into 1996.  Several of the covers include higher-value stamps (airmail issues; $1.00, $2.90 priority mail; and several official stamps which catalog above $2.00 each).  All covers and binders are in excellent condition.  There is paperwork with one of the volumes indicating that the original purchase price for each cover was $7.00 plus 65-cents shipping/handling.  We have seen these covers on the internet from anywhere between $1.50 up to full price and beyond.  We are offering these nice looking covers and binders for $89.95, which works out to approximately 86-cents per cover.  Since the three volumes are listed at $89.95, they also qualify for our free shipping promotion.  A great addition to a serious cover collection, or a great way to begin a new collection!

Stamps "Golden Replicas of United States Stamps" 3-Volume Collection

SKU: USGoldRep3vol