Stamps "Proofcard Society of the United States" 2-Volume Collection

Stamps "Proofcard Society of the United States" 2-Volume Collection

This is a 2-Volume collection published by Fleetwood.  One volume contains a total of 53 cards, the other has 49 cards.  All cards bear a first day cancellation for the stamp issued and all are mounted in clear vinal card holders.  The books are in pristine condition.  Several of the issues are higher value stamps ($1, $2.90 priority mail, etc.), and there are several of the harder to find official first day of issue stamps.  Also - if a multiple issue has the same first day date, one cover will contain all of the series, and following covers will contain one each of the series.  This is a great value which works out to approximately 49 cents per card - considering the multiple issues and higher values typically catalog at over $2.00 each for first day issues.

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