#14-101 - Thomas Glenn "Coltrane" John Coltrane Ball Ornament

#14-101 - Thomas Glenn "Coltrane" John Coltrane Ball Ornament

This ornament comes from the Thomas Glenn "Jazz Collection" introduced several seasons ago and is now a "retired" ornament.


The ornament was named in honor of John Coltrane (09/23/1926 - 07/17/1967), an American jazz saxophonist and composer.  His early career focused on the bebop and hard bop idioms of jazz.  Notable recordings include "Coltrane" (1957); "Giant Steps" (1960); and "Ballads" (1963).


Thomas Glenn Holidays "Coltrane Ball Ornament"

  • Originally part of the High Design collection
  • Handcrafted in Poland
  • Made from glass
  • Approximately 4 inches tall (10cm)
  • Includes original manufacturers box and packaging
  • Made by Thomas Glenn Holidays