#14-109 - Thomas Glenn "Saloff" Spider Saloff Ball Ornament

#14-109 - Thomas Glenn "Saloff" Spider Saloff Ball Ornament

This ornament comes from the Thomas Glenn "Jazz Collection" introduced several seasons ago and is now a "retired" ornament.


The ornament was named in honor of Spider Saloff who is actively performing today.  Spider is known for co-hosting the public radio program "Words & Music".  She is a Chicago-based jazz vocalist, noted for her performances of jazz legends George Gershwin and Cole Porter, and has an amazing approach to scat and improvisation.  Her performances also lean heavily toward Broadway and cabaret tunes.


Thomas Glenn Holidays "Saloff Ball Ornament"

  • Originally part of the High Design collection
  • Handcrafted in Poland
  • Made from glass
  • Approximately 4 inches tall (10cm)
  • Includes original manufacturers box and packaging
  • Made by Thomas Glenn Holidays