This is a series of 4 vintage postcards each with individual images of a section of a dachschund.  It is unusual to find all 4 in the same collection, but added together, they form the full image of the dog.  Cards are from the Huld's Puzzle Series, copyright 1906 by Franz Huld, Publisher, New York.  All cards were postmarked in September of 1906 and were addressed to the same individual.  The verses on each card read:

  • Card 1: "I send you the head of a Dachshund to-day; Wait for the next part, Don't throw this away."
  • Card 2: "Two funny feet towards you trot; Dear Friend, oh please, forget me not."
  • Card 3: "The middle of the animal now I mail; And soon as possible will add the tail."
  • Card 4: "This card now makes my dog complete, It is not intended for sausage meat."

This is a great gift for a dachshund lover!  As my grandfather used to say, "they're a dog-and-a-half long, and half-a-dog tall!"


Vintage Postcards "Dachschund" - 4 card scene

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