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Happy April 15 all! For those of us who may owe taxes, the government has given us another month to come up with the money. For those of us who may be lucky enough to receive a tax refund, why not treat ourselves to a little indulgence! The Bronze Dolphin would like to help you decide how to spend your "windfall" by taking a look at the new season's Thomas Glenn Holidays ornaments!

#2166 - "On Dasher" - the number one best-seller at the 2021 Atlanta Gift Markets!

Naturally, the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically cut show attendance at the Atlanta Gift Markets in both the January and March shows. The good news is that the retailers who did attend were there to buy - and early ornament sales have almost matched pre-pandemic levels. Buyers scheduled face-time appointments with TGH owner Brent Lawyer, and online sales to the trade are still coming in weekly. Wholesale orders for Poland were slightly conservative this year, since the effects of the virus on the marketplace could not be accurately anticipated.

It is expected that many designs will be sold out to the trade by the time shipments from Poland are received. If you have your eye on any particular item, now is the time to send in your "wish lists." The Bronze Dolphin will do its best to see that you receive as many of the ornaments as we can. Please feel free to email your requests to "" We will honor availability on a first-come, first-serve basis.

On the website, you will see each new design displayed as "New Arrival". It will also indicate "Out of Stock" until the shipments actually arrive. The "wish list" will help insure your place in line to have orders filled once the inventory is available. We will post an update once the shipments have arrived and the items are available to order.

Let's look forward to the success of the vaccination process; a decrease in the spread of this horrible virus; and a return to healthier, happier times!

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Chuck Cardoos
Chuck Cardoos
16 Nis 2021

So I like it. How can I put it in my basket? This site is not the easiest to navigate.

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