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Thomas Glenn Holidays - New Ornaments Have Arrived!

Tired of politics? Have COVID-19 fatigue? Why not think about more pleasant things - the new Thomas Glenn Holidays designs have finally arrived! After shipping delays from Poland due to the pandemic - and some restful days in quarantine in customs in Boston - the ornaments are finally here! Let's celebrate - and think of happier times to come during the holidays! This is a great time to treat yourself to some holiday cheer - or, to buy ornaments as gifts for loved ones and friends.

We recommend early shopping this season, as many of the popular styles are quickly selling out to the retail trade. Demand has been higher than expected, and many retail customers are placing additional orders prior to shipment of their original orders. You can find the current season's designs by looking for the banner "New Arrival" in the upper left corner of each ornament photograph. Also, the "Christmas Past" collection has been updated with new one-of-a-kind and retired ornaments from previous seasons.

In addition to style #2047 - Meow - which was the retail trade's favorite this year - other popular styles include #1643-G - Plum Blossom in soft green; the ever-popular #1625 Birch Forest; the elegant new style #2007 Partridge in a Pear Tree (shown here); the floral #2052 Allium; and a more traditional #2013 - Oh Holy Night (also shown here).

#2007 - Partridge in a Pear Tree

#2013 - Oh Holy Night

We hope everyone is doing well during these difficult times - and believe a little holiday cheer will go a long way toward brightening your Christmas and the upcoming New Year!


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