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Thomas Glenn Holidays Ornaments Arrive!

Thomas Glenn Holidays owner and designer, Brent Lawyer, has announced that the long-awaited shipments of ornaments from Poland have finally arrived. Both new designs and many popular favorites from past seasons are now being inventoried. The Bronze Dolphin has updated its website to include what is now available. As always, many of the popular styles are certain to sell out, so now is a good time to place your holiday orders to make sure you receive the items you want.

The runaway favorite at the Atlanta Gift Markets was style #2326 - A Lump of Coal! Brent exhibited these ornaments grouped in a large glass bowl on a pedestal in front of his showroom. Even those who did not place orders stopped, pointed, and chuckled at the display! Brent had tried to have this design put into production for several years, but the artists in Poland were not able to grasp the concept. On his last trip to Poland, Brent went into the yard of one of the workshops, picked up a medium-sized stone, placed it on the desk, and said "This is what I want - in coal black". We now have the resulting ornament:

This ornament was on virtually every order placed at the winter, spring, and summer gift markets. Everyone knows someone who has been "naughty" and should receive a lump of coal for Christmas!

Be sure to check out the Christmas Past and Christina's World collections on The Bronze Dolphin to see newly offered ornaments.


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