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#1412HP - Thomas Glenn "Baltic - Hot Pink" Ball Christmas Ornament

#1412HP - Thomas Glenn "Baltic - Hot Pink" Ball Christmas Ornament

Baltic - Hot Pink is a great example of contemporary Thomas Glenn Holiday design.  The unusual combination of colors and patterns have helped define this company for almost 20 years.  This now-retired ornament features colors displayed in reverse order on both sides; we are also showing top and bottom views so that you can see how the colors come together on this great ornament.  Notice that no matter which view you have, the hot pink really stands out!  The ornament is in the larger 5 inch (12.7 cm) size and is great for the lower branches of your tree.

The Baltic - Hot Pink Ball Ornament

  • Handcrafted in Poland
  • Made from glass
  • Approximately 5 inches tall (12.7 cm) or 120 mil size
  • Made by Thomas Glenn Holidays
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