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#2088 - Thomas Glenn "Red Joy" Mini Ball Christmas Ornament

#2088 - Thomas Glenn "Red Joy" Mini Ball Christmas Ornament

The "Mini" or "Petite" Thomas Glenn ornaments are smaller-sized balls or eggs that work nicely for those tiny branches near the top of your tree.  They are also great to fill in other areas of the tree where a larger ornament simply will not work.  The craftmanship is equivalent to that of the larger-sized ornaments.


The Red Joy mini ornament has a brilliant red background with narrow bands of pink and green separated by a larger white band surrounding the perimeter of the ornament.

The Red Joy Petite Ball Ornament

  • Part of the Mini collection
  • Handcrafted in Poland
  • Made from glass
  • Approximately 2 inches tall (5cm)
  • Includes original manufacturers box and packaging
  • Made by Thomas Glenn Holidays
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