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Stamps "United States" Pre-1961 Collection

Stamps "United States" Pre-1961 Collection

This lot is a collection of pre-1961 United States stamps.  There are both mint and used stamps in the collection.  The total Scott Catalog value (2015 catalog) is over $100 for the lot.  There are a handful of stamps prior to 1900, but some of the highlights include:

  • Several mint stamps from the 1920's and 1930's in hingeless mounts
  • A full mint set of the "overrun countries" issue of 1943-44 in hingless mounts
  • The $5 Coolidge stamp from the Presidential Issue of 1938 (Scott #834)
  • Several Special Delivery and Postage Due stamps prior to 1945

There are a total of 408 stamps in the main collection.  We are including an additional 8 pages of mint commemorative stamps mounted on blank United States Minkus album pages which do not figure into the cost of the lot, since they are adhered to the album pages.  These stamps are mostly the 3-, 4, and 5-cent commemoratives from the 1940's through the mid-1960's.  There are 105 additional stamps on these blank Minkus pages.

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