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Thomas Glenn Holidays Mid-Century Influences

The period of the 1950's and 1960's produced many mid-century influences that continue today. Many antiques shows have dealers now who specialize in the furniture and decorative accessories of this period - and the "baby boomer" generation has created a resurgence in these styles and designs. The Thomas Glenn Holidays line of ornaments has several offerings that are a nod back to this time frame.

Item #1831 - Sparky Santa

One of the largest sellers this year has been "Sparky Santa" (Item #1831) which was inspired by a Christmas card design from the 1950's. It captures the essence of Santa and portrays him in a whimsical, non-traditional image that plays across the perimeter of the ornament. Pablo Picasso's image, from 1965, titled "Pere Noel" is another example of how Santa has been re-imagined over the years.

Pablo Picasso: "Pere Noel" - 1965

Another big hit for Thomas Glenn Holidays this season has been the ornament "Sputnik" (Item #1806). It was inspired by the first artificial Earth satellite which was launched by the Soviet Union on October 4, 1957. Weighing only 184 pounds, the satellite orbited for three weeks before its batteries died, and it fell back into earth's atmosphere two months later. The "Sputnik" ornament captures the classic probes that were the satellite's hallmarks. The Thomas Glenn re-imagined design has bursts of color at the end of each probe and has been a great favorite during this holiday season.

Item #1806 - "Sputnik"


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