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Unique Retired Ornaments from Thomas Glenn Holidays!

Thomas Glenn Holidays recently completed an archiving project to retain samples of all ornaments the company has ever produced. This includes many "retired" ornaments from earlier seasons that are no longer in the currently-active collection. Also included are a few "prototype" designs that were never put into production

The Bronze Dolphin has been fortunate enough to acquire a few of these now hard-to-find ornaments. In many cases, there are only one, two, or three items left per style. You can find these great, unique, ornaments on The Bronze Dolphin website by selecting the "Thomas Glenn Ornaments" tab from the top banner; then, select the "Christmas Past Collection" from the drop-down display of collections. Many new entries have already been posted in this collection, and there will be many more added during the coming weeks. We anticipate having all "retired" styles added by the end of the summer. When quantities of a particular style are extremely limited, we have indicated that in the photo of the ornament.

Included in the Christmas Past Collection so far is the elegant #206 - "Tiffany - Long Island Sound" Ball (only two are available):

the beautiful #73 "Sevres Ball - White" ornament:

#73 "Sevres Ball - White"

and several discontinued items from the Asian Collection, including molded ornament #510 "Pagoda - Blue & White" with only three of this style remaining:

#510 "Pagoda - Blue & White"

Now is the time to shop this collection if you are looking for unique, hard-to-get gifts. Once items have sold out in this collection, they will be removed from the website as they are no longer in production. Happy Shopping!!


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