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Day of the Dead Ornament by Thomas Glenn Holidays

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

The Day of the Dead in 2018 in the United States begins Wednesday, October 31 and ends on Friday, November 2. The Day of the Dead (Spanish: Dia de los Muertos) is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout Mexico - especially in the Central and Southern regions. People of Mexican heritage in all parts of the world also celebrate this holiday. Gatherings of family and friends come together to remember those who have died and to help support their spiritual journey.

There are traditional "day of the dead" masks in skull designs. The skull patterns have been used for both mask and tattoo designs. The skull is a common symbol of the holiday and has been represented by masks called "calacas" (a colloquial term for skeleton).

The Day of the Dead corresponds to the celebration of All Saints Day and Halloween. Sugar skulls are often used to decorate the gravestones of the deceased. Sugar skull art reflects the folk art style of big, happy smiles, colorful icing, and sparkly tin and glittery adornments.

The Thomas Glenn Holidays ornament "Day of the Dead" is an intricately-designed two-sided ornament that features a male skull on one side, and a female skull on the other. This ornament works well in both the Halloween collection and the tattoo collection. Introduced in this year's collection, the ornament is sure to be a hit with both collectors of Halloween and more broadly of tattoo art collectors. The Bronze Dolphin has a good inventory of this wonderful ornament available for purchase.


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