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Introducing Thomas Glenn Zodiac Collection

Thomas Glenn Holidays has introduced an exciting new collection this year - the Zodiac Collection! All 12 signs of the zodiac are represented on 12 separate ornaments. Each ornament is 2-sided: the front shows the image of the zodiac sign; the reverse shows the name of the sign and the sign's calendar dates.

The ornament designs were inspired by the "Signs of the Zodiac" stamp series issued by the government of San Marino in 1970. They have each sign's figure represented in black silhouette forms with the actual stars comprising the constellation super-imposed over the figure's form.

These ornaments would look great as a full collection displayed on a smaller individual tree - or on twelve ornament display stands that could be placed on a table or fireplace mantel.

The ornaments are currently indicated as "out of stock" as are several of the more popular designs from past seasons - and all of the other current season ornaments.

The artists in Poland are working on the designs now, and shipping should be available by mid- to late August. Please email us if you are interested in acquiring this collection so that appropriate stock may be ordered in advance.


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