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The "Double Happiness" Ornament by Thomas Glenn Holidays

Double Happiness is a traditional Chinese ornament design. It is used extensively in decoration and on blue and white Chinese pottery. The symbol itself is comprised of two copies of Chinese characters that translate into "joy" - and has typically been used as a symbol of marriage. The character is written in Chinese calligraphy.

Sometimes translated as "Double Happy", the symbol has been used on a variety of products, including soy sauce, scented candles, fashion, jewelry, and Ming-inspired tableware. In Chinese tradition, the color of the character is usually red, but black is used occasionally. For pottery, the symbol is most often rendered in deep blue against a white background.

Thomas Glenn Holidays has a Double Happiness ornament as a part of its Asian collection. It is in the classic blue and white tradition of Chinese pottery, and features the symbol prominently on the ornament. It has been immensely popular with collectors of both Christmas ornaments and those who love Asian-themed or blue and white collectibles.


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