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Thomas Glenn Holidays 2018 Styles Have Arrived - Start with Halloween!

Halloween, also spelled Hallowe'en (contraction of All Hallows' Evening) is celebrated in many countries of the world. Its origins date back to an ancient Celtic festival. Pope Gregory III designated November 1 as a day to honor all saints. The evening before was known as All Hallows Eve, and ultimately Halloween. Over the years a number of events developed around the holiday, including trick-or-treating, costume parties, pumpkin carving, and Halloween balls. In current times, the focus has been on trick-or-treating and household decorating. Approximately one-quarter of all the candy sold in the U.S. annually is purchased for Halloween. It has become the second largest seasonal holiday, surpassed only by Christmas.

The Thomas Glenn line of Halloween ornaments has something for every collector. Jack O'Lanterns, witches, bats, skulls, black cats, and other related images are stunningly rendered on decorative glass ornaments that have been mouth-blown and hand-decorated in Poland. One way to display these ornaments is by decorating a Halloween "tree". These can be purchased in department stores or created by combining fallen tree branches in a sturdy pot. Ornaments may then be hung on the smaller branches and twigs of the tree. For added effect, branches may be spray-painted black and strung with fake cobwebs.

The Thomas Glenn Holidays 2018 styles have now arrived and are available for purchase here at The Bronze Dolphin website. Start by ordering some Halloween ornaments for yourself - or as a great gift for the host or hostess of a Halloween party! Be sure to check out the new Christmas holiday styles as well. Order early, as some styles may become out of stock as we move into the holiday season.


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